µ-Ziq preps third record of 2022 (listen to “Hello”)

Back in June, Mike Paradinas released Magic Pony Ride, his first µ-Ziq album to be released on his own Planet Mu label in a decade. If you were a µ-Ziq fan in the '90s, the album was also a return to those days, loaded with jungle beats, warm, ambient textures, squelchy acid-house 303s and good vibes. That was the second µ-Ziq release of the year -- the Goodbye EP came out in April -- and he's just announced a third. New album Hello will be out November 4 via Planet Mu.

Mike says Hello is the "the mirror image" of the Goodbye EP where "intensity is heightened, the breaks more manic and melodies inhabit every corner." There is also a third version of "Iggy's Song" that appeared in different forms on Magic Pony Ride. Opening/title track "Hello" is very promising, with those manic breaks and bright melodies right there in your face. Give it a spin, along with Magic Pony Ride and the Goodbye EP, below.

If all three of these records feel nostalgic, there's a reason.They're all centered around the recent reissue of µ-Ziq 1997 album Lunatic Harness, where revisiting the album bought back all sorts of '90s feelings. Those still sound good today.

1. Hello 03:40
2. Iggy's Song
3. Magic Pony Ride (Pt.3)
4. Green Chaos
5. Ávila
6. Pyramidal Mind Dispersion
7. Modulating Angels
8. Pentagonal Antiprism
9. Metabidiminished Icosahedron