15,000 more books from Tom Verlaine’s collection being sold off in December

The late Television frontman Tom Verlaine's massive book collection -- some 50,000 titles -- is being sold off via garage sales. The first of those happened in August and they've announced the next one will be the first weekend in December (12/2 & 12/3) at 585 Woodward Ave in Ridgewood, Queens. This one is even bigger than the first with over 15,000 books going for $10 each on 12/2 (2-8 PM) and for $5 each on 12/3 (10 AM - 3 PM).

Organizers say this book sale "will give us the bandwidth to move onto preparing online grab bags at the same price point for those unable to attend this, which will be launching soon after. And if you can attend: see you there!"

Check out the flyer for the December sale below.