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So many artists, so many songs, so little time. Each week we review a handful of new albums (of all genres), round up even more new music that we’d call “indie,” and talk about what metal is coming out. We post music news, track premieres, and more all day. We update a playlist weekly of some of our current favorite tracks. Here’s a daily roundup with a bunch of interesting, newly released songs in one place.


The penultimate song on Activity’s upcoming second album is also one of the most subtle. And personal. “My dad got cancer and when I saw him next, the treatments had caused him to waste away. He was slight to begin with and he’d lost like 30 pounds. ‘Hey, under the blinding glare, I’ll meet you there’ is a reference to this book I read called The Great Divorce, and imagining seeing my dad again ‘on the other side.’ An advance apology for all the times I’ve been petty and short and cruel with him. But he got better! And he’s doing okay now, thankfully.” Activity’s new album, Spirit in the Room, is out this week via Western Vinyl.

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“This song is for anyone that has had a hard time making decisions or following their gut,” says DVG’s Bonnie Bloomgarden of the band’s new single. “I linger in indecision, and get stuck in the muck of options, weighing every single dynamic except ‘how does this make me feel.’ Sometimes it’s from fear of imperfection, but always it’s from self-doubt, not trusting my instinct, or letting my intuition be my guide. I’ve learned a lot from spiritual people lately. Pagans and witches, calling in the elements. I imagine it’s similar to asking Jesus, a saint, an ancestor, to help for guidance. For me this song is like a meditation, or a prayer. To become a wave. To not want to turn in, quit, and become small or unseen, but to flow, and grow. Become part of the flow!!”

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Here’s another song off Alabaster DePlume’s upcoming Come With Fierce Grace which originated from the same sessions as 2022’s GOLD. “Greek Honey Slick” features The Smile drummer Tom Skinner. “Before I recorded GOLD, I dropped an enormous metal tin of beautiful Greek honey on my studio floor,” DePlume says. “Heart-broken, I gathered it into my hands to be disposed of, which took ages. But I chose to embrace this too – not knowing why. And it turned out that it was a blessing for the making of that specific album (though I won’t say why, just now). The key thing for me is: embracing what is, without demanding to know why. Abundance and how it is, and how it can appear, and made welcome.”

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LA synth duo Sneakpeak have shared the video for dreamy single “Green Light” from their new second album Scene Within a Dream. “I was reflecting on an alien experience I had where I was camping in the middle of nowhere with some friends years ago, where we all saw a bright green shining orb,” says the group’s Dora Hiller. “It circled all around us and then flew away insanely fast through the darkness.”

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“Resolution/Revolution” is The Linda Lindas’ second single of the year, a punky, anthemic track written with influence from Pantera and Judas Priest. It comes with a music video shot and directed by the band. Read more about it here.

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Produced by YoungFyre (who was behind her hit ‘Conceited’), “Fruit Loop” comes with a spacey beat and a video where Flo Milli wreaks havoc in a convenience store, and takes a bath in a cereal bowl while spitting out the the chorus: “Bubble gum chew chew / Eat me like fruit loops / Everything I do make the boys go coocoo.” This is from her second album due later this summer.

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Self Defense Family have shared a cover of Neil Young’s proto-slowcore classic “On The Beach” from their upcoming live album, and you can read about it here.

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Sparkle Division, the collaborative project between composer and The Disintegration Loops creator William Basinski, engineer Preston Wendel and Gary Thomas Wright, have announced their second album, which is titled Foxy, and will be out October 20 via Temporary Residence Ltd.

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Candy Claws, the Colorado dreampop trio who split in 2015, have released their first new song in a decade, which will appear on a new reissue of their 2013 album, Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time. “Distortion Spear” is not a studio leftover, but a brand new song the trio (Ryan Hover, K Hover, and Hank Bertholf) recorded last year.

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