Body Void announce new album ‘Atrocity Machine,’ share “Flesh Market”

Doom trio Body Void have announced their fourth album, Atrocity Machine, due October 13 via Prosthetic Records (pre-order). The band say they embraced more of an industrial/noise influence on this one, and you can definitely hear that coming through in the apocalyptic wasteland that is lead single “Flesh Market.” Here’s what multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Willow Ryan says about the song and the album overall:

With this album we wanted to embody the absurdity of living in a country where atrocity is so commonplace that it becomes mundane. How compartmentalizing these horrors day to day takes its toll. How the warped machine-like systems birthed out of capitalism and white supremacy that cause these atrocities become attached to you. They fuse themselves to your skin and bones until you live in grotesque comfort and familiarity with the fear and anxiety they create. All the while being forced to ensure their continued existence.

Musically, we decided to incorporate more harsh electronics, taking influence from some of our favorites like Wolf Eyes, Pharmakon, and Killing Joke to create this doomed cyberpunk horror soundtrack. We’re also thrilled to have Prosthetic Records behind us once again to help us obtain our vision.

“Flesh Market” is maybe the most diverse song on the album. It does a great job at summarizing the wider aesthetic and thematic vision of the record, combining sludge, black death doom, and industrial noise. It’s about the way in which corporate capitalism seeks to dehumanize us and reduce us to meat.

The song comes with an eerie, black-and-white video that suits it perfectly. Check it out:

[embedded content]

1. Microwave
2. Human Greenhouse
3. Flesh Market
4. Cop Show
5. Divine Violence
6. Atrocity Machine