El Perro del Mar announces new LP ‘Big Anonymous,’ shares “In Silence” video

Swedish artist Sarah Assbring, aka El Perro del Mar, has signed to City Slang, who will release her new album, Big Anonymous, on February 16. Its 10 songs stem from a commission from Stockholm’s Royal Dramatic Theatre to stage a concert with dancers from the Royal Opera and musicians Jacob Haage and Petter Granberg, which premiered in 2019. See the cover art and tracklist below.

The lead single is the haunting, atmospheric “In Silence.” “As the feelings of grief and loss wear off, you enter another realm of guilt,” Sarah says. “The guilt of not mourning enough, of going on living though someone’s gone. This song is about the ghost not accepting that it’s dead. I realized I was actually thinking like this which made it increasingly difficult to move on. I’d stayed on with the dead. I think it’s a common thing and it’s such a dark place to be in. You can’t really reason with the dead. That’s something I’ve come to understand.”

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1. Underworld
2. Suburban Dreams
3. Cold Dark Pond
4. In Silence
5. The Truth the Dead Know
6. Between You and Me Nothing
7. Please Stay (Anonymous Version)
8. One More Time
9. Wipe Me Off This Earth
10. Kiss of Death