Electric Zoo hits capacity at 6:30 PM & bars further attendees from day 3; people rush gates

It’s been a troubled weekend for NYC EDM festival Electric Zoo. They cancelled day one hours before doors were to open, saying they were unable to finish building the main stage due to “global supply chain disruptions.” Day two had its doors delayed from 1 PM to 3 PM, and when doors did open, attendees discovered the main stage wasn’t open yet (it opened around 4:50 PM). In addition, many took to social media to describe waiting three or more hours in line at will call, with some saying they gave up and left without getting inside. Today (9/3), day three, seemed to be going on as normal, but at 6:30 PM, organizers shared a message saying that the festival had hit capacity for the day, and no more ticketholders would be allowed entrance. It reads:

Dear Electric Zoo Family,

We are so thankful for the overwhelming support and patience you’ve shown this year after the challenges we’ve faced over the weekend.

It is with deep regret that we need to inform you that due to the challenges caused by Friday cancelation, we have reached our venue’s capacity earlier than anticipated for today, Sunday. For the safety and well-being of everyone on site, we will not be admitting any additional attendees today.

If you are on your way or were planning to come later, we kindly ask that you refrain from coming to the festival site.

Your safety and festival experience remain our top priorities. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience and hope you understand that this decision was made with everyone’s best interest in mind. Refund details are to follow.

Thank you for your continued love, patience, and understanding. We promise to make it up to you.


UPDATE: Footage on social media shows people rushing the gates after entrances were closed off.


Electric Zoo 2023 kept ticket holders trapped in line for hours with no water or escape route packed together in 90⁰ heat

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@froman_ Apparently security just said screw it and let everyone in? #ezoo2023 #ezoo23 #electriczoo ♬ original sound – Roman Moise

The destroyed gates
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What the fuck
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The scene at Ezoo rn…holy shit
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Looks like the east gate was crashed
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@floatinglikeclouds Excuse my screaming, i wish i got the security guard throwing fists at evergone. They werent letting anyone through they said they were at “capacity” people were passing out left and right, we pushed through the gates. DO BETTER EZOO #ezoo #electriczoo #edc #nyc #randallisland #rave #festival ♬ original sound – emilydarlene