Filth Is Eternal announce new LP ‘Find Out,’ share “Crawl Space”

Seattle's Filth Is Eternal have announced a new album, Find Out, due September 29 via MNRK Heavy (pre-order). It was recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 and Dave’s Room and produced by Paul Fig (who's previously engineered records for Slipknot, AFI, and more), and the first single is "Crawl Space." It's a gritty punk ripper that kinda sounds like a cross between The Distillers and Cursed--both of whom the band cite as influences--and vocalist Lis Di Angelo says, "It's about that small window of time when everything feels like it's working- the band- relationships- work- mental health- the meds- everything- but something still feels off, like it's destined to fall apart no matter what choices you make." Listen and watch the Marcy Stone-Francois-directed video below.

Filth Is Eternal


01 - Half Wrong
02 - Crawl Space
03 - Magnetic Point
04 - Cherish
05 - Roll Critical
06 - Curious Thing
07 - Into the Curve
08 - Pressure Me
09 - Body Void
10 - The Gate
11 - Signal Decay
13 - All Mother
14 - Last Exit
15 - Loveless