Grimes taking part in ‘Has The Sexual Revolution Failed?’ live debate, moderated by Bari Weiss

Music is Grimes“side quest” now, and while she did just share new single “I Wanna Be Software,” lately you’re more likely to find her inviting people to create AI-generated music with her voice than releasing more singles from Book 1, the album that she’s had in the works for a while. Whether she’s actively working on new music or not though, Grimes’ frequently controversial statements regularly make headlines, and she’ll have plenty more opportunities for that at an event she’s signed on to participate in. Controversial The Free Press founder and former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss is moderating a live debate on the subject of “Has the sexual revolution failed?”

Billed as “a clash of the female titans,” Grimes and Sarah Haider, writer and co-host of A Special Place in Hell, will go up against another controversial figure, Red Scare co-host Anna Khachiyan, and journalist and author Louise Perry (who published a book, The Case Against the Sexual Revolution, last year). It happens on September 13 at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, and Tickets are on sale now.

Grimes will also bring a “conceptual Elf.Tech ARt rAIve” to Miami festival III Points in October.