Guided by Voices’ GBV40 Night 2: Built to Spill, Heartless Bastards & Wednesday (setlists, video)

Guided by Voices wrapped up their two-day GBV40 40th anniversary celebration in Dayton on Saturday with lots more indie rock. GBV’s set wasn’t entirely different that Friday’s show but a there weren’t that many repeats, and really who doesn’t want to hear “Glad Girls” and “A Game of Pricks” again? No special guests but Bob Pollard shouted out former bassist Greg Demos who was in the crowd, and thanked all the former members of the band. The show ended with “Don’t Stop Now” which we hope GBV never will.

Saturday’s undercard was pretty awesome, with the equally iconic (if less prolific) Built to Spill, plus Heartless Bastards and Wednesday getting things off to a great start.

Check out Guided by Voices and Built To Spill’s setlists from GBV40, plus a few fan pics and videos below.

Night one setlist / pics / video are here.

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SETLIST: Guided by Voices @ The Dayton Masonic Center 9/2/2023
Dance of Gurus
A Salty Salute
The Rally Boys
Cruisers’ Cross
Everybody Thinks I’m a Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)
Little Lines
Haircut Sphinx
Man Called Blunder
Back to the Lake
Meet the Star
Romeo Surgeon
Released Into Dementia
Tractor Rape Chain
Alex Bell
My Valuable Hunting Knife
Mr Child
Twilight Campfighter
To Keep an Area
Cut-Out Witch
The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
My Impression Now
Focus on the Flock
Yours to Keep
Echos Myron
Instinct Dwelling
Choking Tara
Game of Pricks
The Best of Jill Hives
I Am a Scientist
Motor Away

Glad Girls
Your Name Is Wild
I Am a Tree
The Official Ironmen Rally Song
Don’t Stop Now

SETLIST: Built to Spill @ The Dayton Masonic Center 9/2/2023
Dance of Gurus
Stop the Show
Center of the Universe
Living Zoo
Trimmed and Burning
Distopian Dream Girl
I Would Hurt a Fly
Gonna Lose
Virginia Reel Around the Fountain
Big Dipper
Carry the Zero