Have Mercy announce new album ‘Numb,’ share “Alive”

Baltimore emo/post-hardcore band Have Mercy have announced a new album, Numb, due December 8 via Rude Records (pre-order). The band channelled their early days by writing and recording the bulk of it in vocalist/guitarist Brian Swindle’s basement, and Brian says, “Lyrically, the record had no choice but to be influenced by my sobriety, new marriage, and repairing / disconnecting from relationships with people. Over the last couple of years, there have been a lot of changes. We’ve all had to face demons and come to grips with what our realities are and how to sustain a healthier lifestyle.”

The first single is the powerful, soaring “Alive,” which Brian adds is “about being stuck in toxic relationships. Whether that be with friends or significant others. To me, the lyrics reflect that feeling of codependency and trouble detaching from the situations you know you shouldn’t be in. It’s one of the first songs that we wrote for the record and we kind of knew immediately that it would be a single. It’s very reminiscent of our older sound while adding some new flavor.” Listen and watch the Rick Barnwell-directed video below.

[embedded content]

1. Alive
2. Numb
3. Hey
4. Friday
5. Big Surprise
6. Middle
7. I Can’t Stay
8. Sick Of It
9. Hit The Ground
10. Floating