High Vis share new song from new Dais Records / Retrospekt limited edition ‘C23’ comp/walkman

Dais Records are releasing a cassette tape, titled C23, that features previously unreleased songs from artists on the label, including High Vis, Xeno & Oaklander, Body of Light, ADULT., SRSQ, Choir Boy, and more. The cover design is an homage to the legendary NME compilation tape C86, and if you don’t have a tape deck, no worries, it comes with a stylish, all-white Dais-branded walkman by Retrospekt to play it on. It’s a limited edition Dais/Retrospekt collab of only 1000 tapes/walkmans and pre-orders are almost sold out. It’s out December 8.

For those who don’t have a cassette deck, and have no interest in getting one, C23 will be also available digitally on December 8. They’ve shared the High Vis song that opens the comp, “Forgot To Grow,” which is another of their hardcore-meets-Britpop-meets-baggy bangers. Listen to that and check out the full C23 tracklist and a photo of the walkman, below.

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High Vis – Forgot To Grow
High-Functioning Flesh – Down To Sense
Riki – SAS (For Those Who Speak And Spake)
Private World – Through The Distance
Body of Light – Out of Season (Demo Instrumental)
Helm – Evil Ceramics
Choir Boy – Happy to Be Bad With You (Demo)
Tor Lundvall – Black Fly Day
CoH – Vow a Vow
SPICE – I Don’t Want To Die In NY (Remix)


VR SEX – Runway Runaway (Demo)
Xeno & Oaklander – Hoplite (Demo)
Tempers – Camino Del Sol (Antena Cover)
Cold Showers – Sliver (Inner City Remix)
AURAGRAPH – No Control
ADULT. – Few Warnings Are Important (2003)
Drew McDowall – Animals Will Sing
SRSQ – Phantasmata
Cold Gawd – Gin (At The Mountain)