Injury Reserve retiring name; members will continue on as By Storm

Injury Reserve's Stepa J. Groggs (real name Jordan Groggs) passed away in 2020 at age 32, and the experimental rap group continued on since then, but now they'll be retiring the name Injury Reserve after releasing one more single called "Bye Storm," and surviving members Ritchie with a T (real name Nathaniel Ritchie) and producer Parker Corey will be continuing on as By Storm, whose first single "Double Trio" will be coming out as part of a double video with "Bye Storm."

The band writes, "To respect the specificity of all three of us as Injury Reserve, we have decided not to make new music under this name. Nathaniel and Parker have continued working together and plan to release under Bye Storm as a hand off from our work with Injury Reserve."

They'll be premiering the double video on July 15 at 2200 Arts + Archive in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now.