Jay-Z lyrics cover Brooklyn Public Library’s facade

The Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza has been fitted with a massive display of Jay-Z lyrics across its facade. The newsprint-inspired black text over a white background includes quotes from Jay-Z classics "Encore," "Hovi Baby," "Justify My Thug," "Sweet," "Smile," and more, spanning the entire front face of the building. See more pictures below.

The library is closed today (7/13) "in preparation for a special event," which a source tells Hell Gate is "an exhibition dedicated to Jay-Z, which includes a replica of Baseline Studios." There's also an exclusive opening party tonight starting at 6pm, according to Hell Gate's source, but further details aren't currently known. Stay tuned.

Last month, the library hosted "Night in the Library: The Philosophy of Hip-Hop," which featured Jay-Z's mother, Dr. Gloria Carter, among its guest speakers. They're also issuing special edition hip hop library cards to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the genre.