Jenn Champion (Carissa’s Wierd) announces new solo LP, shares “Famous”

Jenn Champion, onetime member of Carissa's Wierd, has announced a new solo LP, The Last Night Of Sadness, out October 13 via Jenn's own imprint, Gay Forever (pre-order). “I’ve always been able to be vulnerable in my music but with these songs and what I was feeling I wanted to keep this album pure," she says. "I was afraid that if I let it go outside of me, I’d dilute it. Sadness is in the title but this is the most confident record I’ve ever made. I took away all the places I could hide.” Check out the artwork and tracklist for The Last Night Of Sadness below.

"Famous" is the album's first track and lead single, a synth-filled confessional lamenting the trappings of fame. "As an artist sometimes it feels like fame and success are used interchangeably and over the course of my career in music I've seen how fame can bring with it all this money and opportunity but is also a gilded cage," Jenn says. "This song is one that just came to me on a run one morning as I looked out over the city and I had to pull out my phone and start writing. I’ve gone through a reset of my priorities in the last few years and this song and this album are about the journey through existential dread that has me where I am now." Listen below.

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The Last Night Of Sadness Tracklisting

  1. Famous
  2. Graves
  3. 28
  4. Good News Bad News (we're all gonna die)
  5. Love Song (think about it)
  6. Think About It (the turn)
  7. Millionaires Interlude
  8. Millionaires (ft. Murder Dice)
  9. Well Played
  10. Breathing
  11. Jessica
  12. Happy Birthday