Listen to Johnny Marr’s ‘Fever Dreams Pt. 2′

Johnny Marr is releasing his new album, Fever Dreams, as four separate EPs, and today's the release of the second. “There’s a set of influences and a very broad sound that I’ve been developing - really since getting out of The Smiths until now, and I hear it in this record," says Johnny. "There are so many strands of music in it. We didn’t do that consciously, but I think I’ve got a vocabulary of sound. And I feel very satisfied that I’ve been able to harness it.”

That vocabulary of sound, this time around, includes the most electronic elements since his days in, uh, Electronic, with Bernard Sumner. These four songs are not disco or synthpop, though; instead it's more gleaming electro-rock where keyboards glide alongside his signature guitar style. "Lightning People," which opens the EP, is one of Johnny's best solo songs in a while, featuring delicately finger-picked acoustic guitar intertwining with mellotron strings and a funky lead riff.

You can listen to Fever Dreams Pt 2, and the first EP, below.

Johnny Marr will open on The Killers 2022 tour, including two nights at NYC's Madison Square Garden.