Listen to Tune-Yards’ soundtrack for Boots Riley’s Amazon series ‘I’m a Virgo’

The Coup's Boots Riley followed up his great 2018 feature film debut, Sorry to Bother You, with the equally surreal, funny, thought-provoking and wildly creative Amazon Prime Video series I'm a Virgo, which is streaming in full now. For its score he reteamed with Sorry to Bother You collaborator Tune-Yards, who once again adds a lot to Riley's off-kilter vibe. "Just to be around Boots and be part of his creative universe has opened my mind, and made me remember, ‘Oh, yeah. Tune-Yards started as a project that I wanted to be, like, this is what I’m not hearing in pop music,’" Tune-Yards' Merrill Garbus told Rolling Stone. "It’s reinvigorated my sense of curiosity and inventiveness, and wanting to do things that have never been done before." You can listen to the I'm a Virgo soundtrack below.

If you haven't checked out I'm a Virgo yet, here's the synopsis: "I’m A Virgo is a darkly comedic fantastical coming-of-age joyride about Cootie (Jharrel Jerome), a 13-foot-tall young Black man in Oakland, California. Having grown up hidden away, passing time on a diet of comic books and TV shows, he escapes to experience the beauty and contradictions of the real world. He forms friendships, finds love, navigates awkward situations, and encounters his idol, a real-life superhero named The Hero, played by Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight, The Righteous Gemstones). I’m A Virgo is a mythical odyssey that questions the purpose of the mythical odyssey."

The series cast also includes Mike Epps, Carmen Ejogo, and Brett Gray, with guest appearances from Elijah Wood, Joel Edgerton, Danny Glover, Juliette Lewis, and Morgan Fairchild. You can watch the trailer for below.

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I'm a Virgo OST:
01. Opening Montage
02. Heart Head Hands Feet
03. Building Cootie's House
04. A Clear Mind Will Nourish
05. Who Can You Trust?
06. Cootie & Flora
07. What Can I Bop You With Today?
08. Friends V2
09. First Modeling Pose
10. Do Not Embarrass Yourself
11. Scat's Ride
12. Lament for Scat
13. My Name on the Side of a Building
14. No Emotion in the Faces
15. Cutting Off Circulation to Your Brain
16. Lower Bottoms
17. Lipsmack
18. Finally Got Our Minds Right
19. Heist
20. This Is Where I Turn Into an Idea
21. Mother
22. Segue From Work to Civilian Life
23. Let's Go
24. Immaculate Virgo
25. We Need To Get Out of Here
26. Call Me Thug One
27. Psychic Theater Safa
28. I'm a Virgo
29. The End...or Is It?
30. Parking Tickets Theme
31. Parking Tickets: IBS Guy
32. Parking Tickets: Weatherman's Lament
33. Parking Tickets: The Video Game
34. Parking Tickets: Rosemary's Baby
35. Parking Tickets: A Boyoyoyoing's Journey Into Night