Listen: XTC’s Andy Partridge releases debut EP with new group The Three Clubmen

The 3 Clubmen, the "three-headed Frankenstein's monster dancing at a neurodivergent singles club" featuring XTC's Andy Partridge, have released their self-titled debut EP. You can hear elements of XTC's early angsty years and their later orch pop era in their four tracks that are as much a creation of fellow Clubmen Jen Olive and Stu Rowe as they are Partridge's.

"I’d go and hang out at Stu’s bunker, because it’s better than ‘playing with yourself’, arf arf, no, I think of him as a brother and love being down at his place," says Partridge of how the project came about. "He’d say things like, 'Andy, listen to what I found, that I think we’ve forgotten, it’s really good' or things like 'I sent this idea to Jen and she zapped this great vocal suggestion back.'”

Listen to the EP, and watch the video for lead track "Aviatrix," below.