Magnitude release new single “Rectify”

North Carolina straightedge band Magnitude said that a new album was coming this year after their FYA set in January, and they've been playing the new song "Rectify" on tour. Today, they've released "Rectify" as a new single via Triple B Records, and they've confirmed a fall release for the new LP.

"'Rectify' is ultimately about rediscovering your true self," says vocalist Russell Bussey. "It’s about healing your mind from the effects of a society that places so much value in the vanity of the material world and status quo. The idea is to free your mind from the constant cycle of pursuing external validation that leads to unnecessary self criticism and insecurities." Listen below.

Magnitude currently have two upcoming shows: This Is Hardcore in Philly on August 6 and the Triple B/DAZE/Streets of Hate showcases in NYC on September 30 & October 1.