María José Llergo releasing full-length debut this fall, shares “Rueda, Rueda”

Spanish artist María José Llergo has officially confirmed that she'll follow her great 2020 debut EP Sanación with her first full-length album this fall. She hasn't revealed the title or release date yet, but she did just release one of its singles, "Rueda, Rueda." It was produced by Lost Twin, who also produced Sanación, and it takes her mix of flamenco and experimental electronic music in a slightly more pop direction while maintaining all of her original charm. María says:

I wrote the song thinking about the artist's life, spinning around the world on this wheel that never stops. How nice it is to dedicate yourself to what you have always dreamed of but at the same time the fear that sometimes gives you how unstable and risky it is. But it's worth it and it's a privilege to travel the world singing my songs. This song is a sincere thanks and celebration of being able to dedicate myself to what truly fills me.

Listen and watch the video below.