Melodic hardcore band Sunstroke return with new song “Frank” & Memorial Day cover

Fresh off releasing a great split with Bent Blue, Philly melodic hardcore band Sunstroke are putting out their own new 7″ this Friday (7/28) via Sky Valley Records with the new song “Frank” and a cover of “Ceiling” by Memorial Day, the late ’90s band fronted by Turning Point vocalist Frank “Skip” Candelori, whose drummer Brandon Wallace now plays in Sunstroke. Brandon also reunited with Memorial Day bassist Anthony Montemurro to record it. The “Ceiling” cover puts a fresh twist on the original from Memorial Day’s long-out-of-print demo without straying far from the source material, and “Frank” is another ripper cut from that same classic melodic hardcore cloth.

The band says that “Frank” “lyrically deals with utilizing art as means of personal therapy, and treating an audience as your therapist,” adding, “sometimes, this can leave an artist feeling unfulfilled. Therapy requires more than just exposure, and you can be only spilling to the crowd.” The sad clown on the 7″ artwork (hand-painted by Chad Leddy) is also intended to reflect this theme.

The 7″ was recorded at the legendary Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara (Minor Threat, Fugazi, etc) and mastered by Brian McTernan. It also comes with a mini documentary by hate5six that focuses on the Memorial Day cover and follows the relationship and story of Anthony, Brandon, Skip, and Memorial Day. Listen to both new songs and watch the doc below.

Sunstroke are playing a release party for both the Bent Blue split and the “Frank” 7″ in Philly on August 4 at Ukie Club with Gouge Away, Nine Of Swords and Harm Assist.

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