Nick Cave & Debbie Harry duet on Jeffrey Lee Pierce cover for upcoming tribute LP

Nick Cave and Blondie's Debbie Harry have teamed up once again to duet on a cover for the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Project series, which is made up of new interpretations of songs by The Gun Club's late singer/songwriter Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Their new cover is a lovely acoustic version of "On the Other Side," a song Jeffrey only performed live on a few occasions, and it's from the the fourth installment of the series, The Task Has Overwhelmed Us, which arrives September 29. It was made with contributions from Cypress Grove, Warren Ellis, and Guido Benigni. Listen and check out the full tracklist below.

Previously, Nick Cave and Debbie Harry did "Free to Walk" for 2009’s We Are Only Riders, “The Breaking Hands” for 2012’s The Journey Is Long, and “Into the Fire” for 2014’s Axels and Sockets.

1. Mother Of Earth - Dave Gahan
2. La La Los Angeles - The Coathangers
3. Yellow Eyes - Jeffrey Lee Pierce (feat. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)
4. Debbie By The Christmas Tree - The Amber Lights
5. Go Tell The Mountain - Mark Lanegan (feat. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)
6. Going Down The Red River - Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind
7. The Stranger In Our Town - Peter Hayes, Leah Shapiro, & Humanist
8. Secret Fires - Suzie Stapleton (feat. Duke Garwood)
9. Tiger Girl - Hugo Race
10. On The Other Side - Nick Cave & Debbie Harry
11. Idiot Waltz - Cypress Grove
12. Tiger Girl - The Amber Lights
13. From Death To Texas - Alejandro Escovedo
14. Vodou - Mark Stewart
15. Time Drains Away - Lydia Lunch, Jozef van Wissem, Jim Jarmusch
16. Lucky Jim - Chris Eckman & Chantal Acda
17. I Was Ashamed - Pam Hogg (feat. Warren Ellis & Youth)
18. Bad America - Sendelica (feat. Wonder & Dynamax Roberts)