Nudieland MPLS shooting updates, artist tributes, ways to help

Police are still seeking two suspects connected with the shooting at Nudieland, a DIY house venue in Minneapolis, that left one dead and six injured on Friday night (8/11). If you were there and have info you want to share with police, legal aid is available before you do: 

The lineup of bands playing the show that night was (A)TRUTH, Texture Freq, Rubberman, Miracle Debt, and Slither. You can see the full event flyer below.

August Golden, who was killed, wasn’t in any of the bands playing that night, but was a member of Scrounger, who regularly played and recorded music there. Austin’s best friend and Scrounger bandmate Bryan May spoke to The Star Tribune, calling him one of his “favorite songwriters.” “He made things happen…He was dedicated to the subcultural world we live in. He wasn’t just a spectator… He helped other people make art.””  More more about August in that article, and here’s a video of Scrounger playing Nudieland a month earlier:

[embedded content]

Brooklyn’s (A)TRUTH were starting a short tour at Nudieland on the night of the shooting, and posted a statement as they were leaving town, writing, “We are leaving Minneapolis with a heavy heart after the tragedy that occurred at the show last night. Our thoughts are with the affected families and the community during this difficult time. It’s a reminder of the importance of supporting one another. Out of respect we are not going into details and we appreciate everyone who has messaged us, we are ok.”

Some bigger artists have paid tribute and helped raise money including Gel who have a show in Minneapolis this week: 

And Into It. Over It

Steve Albini:

Sick Of It All:

Paint it Black:


Minneapolis venue First Avenue:

There are currently two GoFundMes raising money for those affected, one supporting the victims and another supporting August’s partner, Caitlin Angelica. Our thoughts are with everybody affected by this horrible tragedy.