OMD announce new album ‘Bauhaus Staircase,’ share title track

Synthpop greats OMD have announced their 14th album, Bauhaus Staircase, which will be out October 27 via White Noise. This is Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys’ first album in six years, and McClusky says, “I’m very happy with what we’ve done on this record. I’m comfortable if this is OMD’s last statement.”

The first single from Bauhaus Staircase is its politically-minded title track. “I am a huge lover of visual arts, especially mid 20th century movements,” McCluskey says. “I reference them often in my titles and lyrics. The song ‘Bauhaus Staircase’ is a metaphor for strength and artist passion in the face of criticism and adversity. The title is derived from an Oskar Schlemmer painting. He taught at Bauhaus, and created the amazing futuristic costumes for The Triadic Ballet (referenced in the song).”

McCluskey continues: “When times are hard there is a tendency for Governments to look at cutting funding for creativity, just at the moment when the arts are most needed to nourish our souls. Thus, it seems appropriate that the song and its eponymous album were created during Covid Lockdown. Sonically, the track attacks you instantly with rasping analogue synths, soaring electronic melodies, and pounding 808 drums. And the energy just keeps ramping up for four minutes.”

You can watch the “Bauhaus Staircase” video, created by Cine1080 Studio, below.

OMD will be in the US to play California’s Darker Waves Festival in November, alongside New Order, Tears for Fears, Echo & The Bunnymen, Devo, Soft Cell, Psychedelic Furs, The Human League, B-52s and more. It’s currently their only North American date.

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Bauhaus Staircase:
01. Bauhaus Staircase
02. Anthropocene
03. Look At You Now
04. G.E.M.
05. Where We Started
06. Veruschka
07. Slow Train
08. Don’t Go
09. Kleptocracy
10. Aphrodite’s Favorite Child
11. Evolution of Species
12. Healing