PJ Harvey planning fall 2024 North American tour

PJ Harvey released her new album, I Inside the Old Year Dying, in July, and earlier this month began a tour of Europe and the UK supporting it; other than spoken word dates in 2022, they’re her first shows since 2017. She spoke to Vulture about her future touring plans in a new interview, telling them we can expect North American dates in fall of 2024. “It’ll be a look at all of my material over the years but with a concentration on the latest album,” she continues to Vulture, telling them people can expect the setlist to reach “back to album one.” “I think it’ll be a really comprehensive show for all ages of PJ Harvey fans,” she says. “It’s been a great joy actually to play some of those earlier songs. I haven’t played many of them live for years. So I think it’s gonna be a special show for that reason as well.”

Asked about her “expectations for a post-pandemic audience” on tour now, PJ told Vulture that while she thinks people are still slowly adjusting to crowds again, “The only way I might be performing a little differently is purely through getting older — 2017 was my last tour and now I’m at that age where your body changes, and it has different needs, and it can cope with different things in greater or lesser degrees. So I’m looking after myself now as a 53-year-old and that will change the show. But there are wonderful things too, in that my voice is actually better than it’s ever been. I think that is one of the lovely things about getting older as a singer, your voice discovers new depths and greater soulfulness because as we get to know ourselves better, we get more comfortable and accepting of ourselves. The voice is an instrument that you carry with you inside and it’s affected by emotion.”

PJ also told Vulture that she’s putting together an art exhibition that’s “pretty much going to show everything I’ve ever drawn.” She expects it to happen in 2024 or 2025.

Read the interview in full on Vulture.

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