Portishead share remastered & expanded ‘Roseland NYC Live’ for its 25th anniversary

Portishead‘s exceptional live album, Roseland NYC Live, which features the trip hop icons backed by a 28-piece orchestra, was released 25 years ago today (11/2/1998) and to celebrate, the band have released an expanded edition to streaming services. It adds “Undenied” and “Numb” from the concert film as well as the full length performance of “Western Eyes,” and the whole thing’s been remastered.

“I’ve always held the memory of this show which we played before our second album was released,” says Portishead’s Adrian Utley. “This was the first time an audience had heard the new tunes and it was put together to launch [our second album]. Great care was taken over the orchestrations and look of the filming. It preceded a year long world tour for us. Recorded and filmed in the legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York which unfortunately doesn’t exist any more.”

You can listen to the new reissue of Roseland NYC Live below.

The press release for this reissue ends with “More news imminently.” Stay tuned to find out what that means.

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