Prewn releasing debut LP on Exploding In Sound (stream “But I Want More”)

Prewn is the project led by Northampton, MA musician Izzy Hagerup, who's also a member of Kevin McMahon's Pelican Movement collective, and she's gearing up to release her debut album Through The Window on August 25 via Exploding In Sound (pre-order). They say you have your whole life to write your debut album, and that really applies here; Izzy began writing material for this album nearly a decade ago, and she only finished and recorded the songs with Kevin co-producing at his Marcata Studio. Izzy wrote, performed, and recorded everything on this album, but Prewn has already expanded into a full band--with Mia Huggs (bass), Calvin Parent (guitar), Karl Helander (drums)--and full-band recordings are set to follow.

The first single from Through The Window is "But I Want More," a climactic song with echoes of the mid 2000s freak folk era that goes through a handful of unpredictable twists and turns. It's a very promising first taste and you can hear it below.

1. Machine
2. But I Want More
3. Alive
4. Woman
5. I'm Gonna Fry All the Fish in the Sea
6. Perfect World
7. Sheila
8. Burning Up