PUP members reunite with old bandmate in Radar Peak (listen)

Before Nestor Chumak and Zack Mykula became founding members of PUP, they were in a band as high schoolers called the Vibrosonics. Also in that band was Matt Aldred, who later played guitar in Modern Superstitions and became an in-demand session/touring musician. The Vibrosonics broke up in 2006, and the members went their separate ways, but now Nestor, Zack, and Matt have reunited in a new band called Radar Peak, whose self-titled debut album arrives October 20 (pre-order).

“The three of us have been entertaining each other’s musical curiosity, in one way or another, for twenty years,” says Zack via press release. “From high school — a time when bands made their homes in garages — through to all of life’s intentions.”

“When we first started, we were just kids — green as can be,” Matt adds. “It wasn’t until after we’d split up that we learned how to make the music we loved.”

The music they loved includes power pop artists like Teenage Fanclub, Elvis Costello, and XTC, and you can hear that kind of stuff coming through in the band’s bright, sunny debut single “Heaven’s Gate.” Listen below.

[embedded content]

01 Heaven’s Gate
02 Butane Glow
03 Sniper’s Muse
04 Counterfeit
05 Stepping Stone
06 Longtime Caller
07 Girl On Bike
08 Index Of Tears
09 Maggie & Pete