Rat Scabies officially rejoins The Damned

Exciting news: The Damned‘s original and iconic drummer Rat Scabies (aka Christopher Millar) has officially rejoined the band! He played live with them last year after departing the band in 1996, and now he’s back in it for real. Rat tells Vive Le Rock:

Well it came about after the reunion shows in Oct/Nov 2022, we all had a good time doing them, and then they did the last album – Darkadelic – and toured it, and now it’s time to do something else. We’re still upright and breathing and capable to do it so seems right time. A lot of punters seem to want to see this line-up so it’s time to do it. We will probably do the best of The Black Album and Strawberries album and chuck in a few other classics. It’s another challenge for me doing those songs. I think we’re playing Japan and Australia in the new year, then some festival shows in summer, August, and then a proper U.K tour end of 2024. Talking about three nights at the Roundhouse too, which we have a lot of history with playing there way back with the Troggs and Motorhead and the Adverts. Paul’s playing great, just did the Professor and the Madmen album thing with him, as is Captain and Dave’s singing great too so it’s going to be really good to be back.

Stay tuned for more info on those tours/fests and watch a video below of Rat Scabies setting his cymbals on fire.

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