‘Red Blooded Vinyl’: Kylie Minogue Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of ‘Body Language’

Count backwards, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Kylie Minogue is arguably the most giving pop star of our generation. Daily album and song anniversaries. Up-close-and-personal residencies. Annual calendars. Anti-Tours. You name it, she’s done it for us. The Lovers are one thoroughly fed fandom.

Accordingly, the “Secret (Take You Home)” rapper revealed that she’s celebrating the 20th anniversary of her 2003 R&B and hip-hop-tinged opus, Body Language, with a “Red Blooded Vinyl” – see what she did there? – special release.

“Read my…. BODY LANGUAGE 🫱 Don’t think I forgot about the 20th Anniversary 😝 Now on vinyl … for the first time!! The Red Blooded VINYL is available to pre-order now ❤️ Slow down and dance with me … xx,” she announced on social media, along with a scintillating sizzle reel of the incredible era.

How do I describe a feeling about this essential album? “Slow,” a masterpiece in electro-minimalism, and its poolside towel-ography music video alone is dissertation worthy, and that’s not even diving into the other lusty lead single “Red Blooded Woman” (blessing us with the line “you’ll never get to heaven if you’re scared of getting high”) and the divine, silky-smooth “Chocolate.” My personal favorite deep cuts, aside from “Secret,” are “Promises” and “Obsession,” but the record as a whole is a must-listen.

We must sadly mourn the lack of bonus tracks, including the gorgeous “Slo Motion,” “You Make Me Feel,” and the delightful “Cruise Control,” all of which seemingly didn’t make it onto the vinyl.

The accompanying coquettish, Brigitte Bardot-inspired album cover and photo shoot, courtesy of Mert & Marcus, is my favorite visual era she’s ever delivered. Just an all-around triumph, more than worthy of being celebrated two decades later.

You can grab the “Red Blooded Vinyl” for pre-order now on Amazon and Townsend Music, shipping February 2024.

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Side A
1. Slow
2. Still Standing
3. Secret (Take You Home)
4. Promises
5. Sweet Music
6. Red Blooded Woman

Side B
1. Chocolate
2. Obsession
3. I Feel For You
4. Someday
5. Loving Days
6. After Dark

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