Rockwood Music Hall launches GoFundMe & benefit show series to stay open

Intimate Lower East Side venue Rockwood Music Hall is at risk of shutting down. They've launched the Preserve Rockwood campaign to stay open, with a GoFundMe and a series of benefit shows with Sara Bareilles, Chris Thile and Michael Daves, Amy Helm, Elle King, The Lone Bellow, Ingrid Michaelson, and more. A message from the venue reads:

Rockwood Music Hall needs your help:

Over the past 18 years, Rockwood has hosted over 75,000 shows on its three stages, helping to launch and develop the careers of thousands of artists. It has also been the site of hundreds of appearances by Grammy, Tony, and American Music Award winners.

Along the way, Rockwood has become an iconic NYC cultural institution and a foundational part of America's independent music scene. In an era where live music is dominated by corporate interests, venues like Rockwood — which focus on new and emerging artists — have become increasingly rare.

Grammy Award-winning artist Sara Bareilles, who is leading a movement to help preserve the venue, captures the essence of Rockwood:

“In 2007, I played one of the first shows of my career at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side, a venue that then and now represents the grit and determination of New York’s aspiring musical community. At that point, I had only ever played ONE show in New York. I was green and scared. I knew I loved playing music for people, but New York was the Big Leagues and I wanted to prove myself, even if I didn’t know who that was yet. So I pretended, and of course panicked that no one would come.

Thankfully people came. Not hundreds of people, but enough people came for me to get to play there again. And a few more people came. And I got to play again. And again. And that is the whole precious gift of a place like this. Nurturing a relationship with the community, and more importantly with myself. I genuinely believe that for emerging and developing artists, sacred places like this are the heartbeat and lifeline of the New York music scene.”

But unless Rockwood receives immediate help, it is in danger of closing permanently.

Like many small, independent music venues across the country, Rockwood is struggling to stay open. Without the support of artists, the music community and fans of music, Rockwood is in danger of permanently closing, shutting off a vital place for independent and up-and-coming musicians to develop their artistry and give fans the opportunity to discover new music in a live setting.

We can still save Rockwood!

By rallying together, we can help preserve Rockwood as a vital cultural institution, combat corporate influence on live music, and support the independent music scene in New York City.

There are three ways you can help:
1. Contribute to the Preserve Rockwood GoFundMe.
2. Attend the Preserve Rockwood Benefit Concert Series.
3. Share the Preserve Rockwood campaign on your socials

The benefit show series runs through June, July, and August; tickets are on sale now, and you can see the current schedule below.

Jun 30 7:00 PM Sara Bareilles
Jun 30 9:30 PM Sara Bareilles
Jul 01 8:00 PM Chris Thile & Michael Daves
Jul 06 8:00 PM Amy Helm
Jul 10 8:00 PM Isabel Hagen
Jul 20 8:00 PM Ingrid Michaelson & Friends
Jul 31 8:00 PM Elle King
Aug 10 8:00 PM The Lone Bellow