Sea Ray are back: new songs, ‘Stars at Noon’ vinyl reissue & first show in nearly 20 years

NYC chamber rock septet Sea Ray, who called it quits in 2005, are back, with new music, a 20th anniversary reissue of their second and final album, Stars at Noon, and their first live show in nearly 20 years.

This will be the first-ever vinyl pressing of Stars at Noon, which was produced by Peter Katis (The National, Death Cab, Interpol), and it will be out December 1 via Bodan Kuma Recordings (pre-order). The album also comes with two brand-new recordings, also produced by Katis, and you can listen to “Lashes,” which finds their sweeping sound fully intact, below.

Says guitarist Greg Zinman, “It’s rare to share an aesthetic shorthand with people that can withstand a twenty-year pause, and it’s been so satisfying to make these new songs together, which sound as good or better than anything we’ve ever done.” Listen to “Lashes” and Stars at Noon below.

To celebrate the reissue, Sea Ray will play The Knitting Factory at Baker Falls on December 2 with Tigers & Monkeys, which is their first show in nearly two decades. “So much has happened in the world and in our lives since the last time we played together,” says the band’s Jeff Sheinkopf, “but somehow it feels like no time has passed. The old magic is still there.”

Will there be more? Stay tuned.

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Stars at Noon:
01. Sister Gone
02. Revelry
03. Quiver
04. Stray Dog’s Got It Made
05. Lalaland
06. Swear To Your Face
07. Nicholas Ray
08. Forge Utopia
09. Hall Of Fame