Sheer Terror reissue 3 albums (exclusive vinyl)

NYHC vets Sheer Terror are teaming up with Blackout! Records for vinyl reissues of three of their albums: 1992’s Thanks fer Nuthin, 1994’s Old, New, Borrowed and Blue, and 2016’s Unheard Unloved. We have exclusive variants of all three, limited to 200 copies each: Thanks fer Nuthin on red swirl, Old, New, Borrowed and Blue on opaque gold, and Unheard Unloved on red and black swirl. Grab those HERE while they last.

The Sheer Terror reissues are the first of a series of planned monthly special releases fom Blackout! Records, and founder Bill Wilson says, “Sheer Terror was a CBGB matinee favorite of mine years before I ever thought about starting a label. But it wasn’t the over-the-top ferocity of the band that really got me, it was Paul’s lyrics. There was a level of anger, introspection, and storytelling that made all others pale in comparison.”

Sheer Terror will hit the West Coast on tour with Slapshot in September and October. See all dates below.

Sheer Terror vinyl banner