Snõõper discuss the inspirations behind their new terrific debut album ‘Super Snõõper’

Nashville's Snõõper just released their debut album, Super Snõõper, via Third Man. It's a hyperactive mutant punk sugar high, where most songs hover around the one-minute mark and leave you deliriously exhausted. You can listen to the whole album below.

We asked Snõõper to tell us more about the album, and they came back with a list of 10 inspirations, which include other artists (Machine Girl, The Spits), TV, caffeinated drinks, and more. There's even an influence for their Bug (as seen on their album cover). Read their list and commentary below.

Snõõper - 10 Influences Behind Super Snõõper

1. The Sopranos
The show for us is the perfect intersection of fashion, negotiation and waste management.

2. Soft Junk
This is the best venue you’ve never heard of in Nashville, supporting all methods of artistic disciplines, musical, visual and nontraditional. They have been so important to us from day one!

3. Wayne White
Wayne White is from Tennessee and designed the set of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. He is an inspiration for cardboard as a medium.

4. Yerba Mate
We brewed big pots of yerba mate while fleshing out the songs into what they are now. Super caffeinated and delicious!

5. Bread & Puppet Theater
Bread & Puppet Theater makes art using cheap materials. We bought a book of theirs on how to make the puppet backpack, allowing for the bug to come to life!

6. Machine Girl
Machine Girl has one of the most energetic and inspiring live shows that we’ve ever seen. They’re on our short list of dream tour-mates.

7. Sesame Street
The early animation style, videography and puppets and everything about the show is so sick.

8. Trader Joe’s orange chicken
Connor makes this perfectly. You have to make this in a skillet or wok and definitely make your own rice. Don’t ever put this in the oven to cook it.

9. The Spits
Their complex songwriting is more extensive and impressive than Beethoven. Their voices are beyond Lennon or McCartney. They employ the highest quality recording production known to humankind and their synthesizers are straight up out of a George Lucas film.

10. Gardening
Being able to control the environment around you and helping/watching things grow to be their best is incredibly rewarding and relaxing. Shoutout gladiolus!


Snõõper have a few tour dates lined up for the summer, including West Coast dates this weekend. They'll be in NYC on September 3 at TV Eye for the third annual Bands, Bikes & BBQ party, which also features performances by THUS LOVE, TVOD, Scout Gillett, Dana, Balaclava, Van Vreeland, and more. All tour dates are listed below.

Snõõper - 2023 Tour Dates
Fri. July 14 - San Diego, CA - The Whistle Shop
Sat. July 15 - San Pedro, CA @ The Sardine
Sun. July 16 - Pomona, CA @ Viva Pomona
Sat. Sept. 2 - High View, WV @ Zapateo
Sun. Sept. 3 - Queens, NY @ TV EYE
Fri. Oct. 13 - Sun. Oct. 15 - Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits Festival
Sun. Nov. 5 - Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
Mon. Nov. 6 - Gladow, UK @ Hug & Pint
Tue. Nov. 7 - Manchester, UK @ YES Basement
Wed. Nov. 8 - London, UK @ The Windmill
Fri. Nov. 10 - London, UK @ Pitchfork Festival (Roadhouse)
Sat. Nov. 11 - Bristol, UK @ The Lanes