Spine discuss influences behind new LP ‘Ra​í​ces,’ from Siege to salsa

Kansas City hardcore/powerviolence band Spine have just released their third album, Ra​í​ces, on Convulse Records. You can stream the whole LP below, and to get a better idea of what informed this one, vocalist Antonio Marquez has made us a list of influences behind the album. Read on for what he had to say...


Siege – Drop Dead
60% of the blueprint was Drop Dead by Siege as a primary influence. We had a preexisting influence with Siege, on other releases. However, we took it further in wanting to use that record as inspiration as to what we wanted the LP to sound like. My vocal style and tone to the fast and punishing parts we wrote felt like a great representation of that.

Urban Blight – More Reality
One of the things this record needed was more urgent and faster songs. It needed urgency without worrying about the structural integrity of songs. Meaning it didn’t matter if it followed any traditional structure of verse/chorus. The song would just end whenever/wherever we decided. Urban Blight always had some of the shortest songs that were fast along with bursts of energy that I felt we could apply to what we wanted on this record.

White Cross – Fascist
White Cross was one of the best of the USHC bands to play fast hardcore. Taking those cues and applying that to what SPINE was wanting to do. High energy coupled with short songs.

Bad Brains – S/T
I truly feel like every hardcore band should be influenced in some way by the Bad Brains. It’s always top of mind for me. You won’t hear it anywhere on this record but it’s truly a guide and gold standard of hardcore for me.

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration
This isn’t my favorite DM record but it’s probably top 2. I always loved the subtle and not so subtle political themes, imagery, and overall tone of the lyrics. DM has been an inspiration for the last several releases and again on this LP.

The Cranberries – No Need to Argue
This record from front to back and full of a full range of life experiences. The title song “No Need To Argue” has always been a song that I thought was simple and super powerful. I’ve never been someone who’s been able to write a “love song” but this whole record revolves more around the loss of love. Which is much more familiar to me and central to themes in the band.

The Ropes - Demo II
For a period of time after The Repos originally broke up, they reformed as The Ropes (have since gone back to The Repos). They had some amazing and underrated material under the name The Ropes, specifically their 2nd Demo. Aaron's vocals are agonizingly sharp and the music pummels you into dust. The Repos have always been an inspiration to me, musically and vocally. This specific recording has a certain darkness to it that I wanted to incorporate with the LP. You could argue it has some groove, even in the most chaotic parts which is always something I strive to incorporate in our music.

Listen here.

Nobody Listened/Nadie Escuchaba Documental
This is a project done in the ‘80s to shine a light on the human right violations and atrocities committed by the Cuban government and the attempts to cover up and silence activists. Something that is still happening to this day. Giving a voice to the voiceless within the Cuban community and the Latino community was something I set out to do with Raíces.

Current Hardcore Bands
It’s very important to have your ear to the ground and to look for inspiration from what’s current. Both to be able to focus on the things you want to be able to do (especially in contrast to it) but also to be able to appreciate the art that’s being created to then push you to make something even more compelling.

Salseros from the golden age
Anyone from Celia to Willie to Hector to Ruben to Frankie and more. What can be lost with commercialization of any style of music is the heart and the message. Salsa was not immune to that. It’s cool to make songs people can dance to but making songs that people can dance to with a purpose? Ahora eso si es sabroso! And that’s something I wanted to ensure I did on this record. Be direct, come with purpose, and be authentic. And it’s truly the most direct and personally revealing record I’ve ever written.


Spine also have some upcoming shows with their Convulse labelmates Destiny Bond, including Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on July 16 with High Cost and Dog Breath. All dates:

Spine -- 2023 Tour Dates
7/14 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's Pub w/ Destiny Bond
7/15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Bonk's Bar w/ Destiny Bond
7/16 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Destiny Bond

8/5 - Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar w/ Candy Apple, World I Hate, The Consequence, Livid, Asbestos, Perfume USA, Madman, and Make No Mistake
8/26 - Denver, CO @ D3 w/ Portrayal of Guilt, Cloakroom, Gag, The Consequence, Royal Drug, Destiny Bond, Raw Breed, Candy Apple, and Edith Pike

11/17-19 - Tulsa, OK @ Flyover Fest