Stream Ukraine hardcore band Death Pill’s new rager “Monsters”

Ukraine hardcore band Death Pill released their self-titled debut album earlier this year (including a track that also ended up on the recent Women of the Pit compilation), and now they’re keeping the momentum going with a split single with their London-based New Heavy Sounds labelmates Shooting Daggers. Death Pill’s contribution “Monsters” is out now, and it’s a real scorcher. It touches on everything from early ’80s hardcore to ’90s Riot Grrrl to thrash metal, and it’s as angry and abrasive as it is strangely catchy.

Here’s what the band says about it: “This track is about how our parents knowingly or unknowingly lose their children. As an example – here are the most painful things you could hear from your folks: ‘When will you finish your music games?’ ‘You will never achieve anything!’ ‘When are you finally going to do something useful?’ Therefore, when there was an opportunity to record a one live song in London, the choice of a song became obvious. Just imagine the ‘surprise’ on the faces of our mums…”

For more on the band’s mission statement, singer/guitarist Mariana says:

Just imagine: You are a 20-year-old girl. Society constantly puts pressure on you: you should find a nice husband, have children and at the same time build a successful career. But no one asks what do you really want? What are exactly your interests and ambitions?

Because maybe you want to be a punk rock star?

Yes, I do and even against it all. I can create a female non-commercial band, play heavy high-quality music, and ignite the crowd. After all, rock is not only about brutal men with curly long hair, right?

Some do it with weapons in their hands, some volunteer and help in any way they can. Hard times, but right now we have a real chance to change lives for the better.

Stream “Monsters” below, and if you haven’t heard the Death Pill LP yet, stream that below too.