Library Tapes

The Swedish pianist, violinist, and composer David Wenngren seems to regard minimalism less as a classical tradition than as an ascetic dare. In Library Tapes, which has been his solo project with a host of revolving collaborators since the early… Read More

Rival Consoles

Producer and composer Ryan Lee West, aka Rival Consoles, makes ambient techno with a volatile soul. His recent records take the same analog approach he developed on 2016’s Night Melody, composing the album using real-life sketches to inform his writing,… Read More

East Man

Prole Art Threat takes its name and credo from a Fall song; according to Anthoney Hart, who produces grime under the name East Man, the title is “a reflection of working-class creativity and how the establishment marginalize us and (perhaps… Read More

Julianna Barwick

In a pandemic, cynicism is a crutch, and optimism is a meme. It’s easier to be a skeptic than it is to imagine a path forward. The ironic internet mantra “nature is healing” pokes fun at viral glimpses of post-apocalypse… Read More

YATES – End of an Era

Indie electro artist, YATES, was first featured on Indie Shuffle in 2016 with “MERCURY” from his debut EP, Mercury. Fast forward four years and he has finally made a return to our front pages; two of three songs from his… Read More

Gengahr – Heavenly Maybe

I’m trying to judge whether it’s offensive to say that I’ve listened to “Heavenly Maybe” so many times that it’s become painful to listen to. On the one hand, I’m saying their song is painful to listen to, but that’s… Read More

Patawawa – So Late

After slowing the pace a little on their last release, “Forget About It,”the nu-disco trio, Patawawa, get firmly back into the groove on “So Late,” their latest in a string of cast iron, up-tempo floor fillers. The track finds the… Read More

PREP – Pictures Of You

Indie Shuffle favourites, PREP, has shared their funky new single, “Pictures Of You.” Anyone familiar with the eclectic ensembles knows what to expect; a groove-laden, synth-pop stunner with an ’80s edge, and that’s exactly what you get with “Pictures Of… Read More

Agar Agar – Nap

Two art students making music together. What does it sound like? Eccentric, galactic, extraordinary and futuristic– Agar Agar! The synth-pop duo from France, Armand and Clara, both attended the École de Beaux-Arts de Cergy – an art school near Paris… Read More