There’s a Pavement joke in the Barbie movie

When going to the Barbie movie, you are probably expecting a fun time, winking nods to Barbie’s place in history, knowing jabs at the patriarchy, lot of cameos, fun fashion and a fizzy soundtrack. It’s got all that and more — it’s terrific — but what you might not be expecting is a joke about indie rock icons Pavement.

Not to get to spoilery but there is a section of the film featuring a montage of Kens mansplaining to Barbies, from The Godfather to one Ken talking about Stephen Malkmus‘ importance and how he relates to Lou Reed. I definitely didn’t see that coming but director Greta Gerwig and Barbie co-writer Noah Baumbach are indie rock fans.

Pavement have been tipped off, and commented on their instagram stories, first writing, tongue in cheek, “We are aware of the Barbie Movie rumors and are awaiting guidance from legal but as a rule we are pro Greta.” Then they shared a pic of Stephen Malkmus in the Mattel Barbie logo, writing, “Not a sponsored post but CAN BE @barbiethemovie just DM us for venmo.” Good luck with that, Pavement.