Touché Amoré announced remixed, remastered version of ‘Is Survived By’

Touché Amoré‘s 2013 album Is Survived By turned 10 on Sunday (9/24), and to celebrate, the band have announced Is Survived By: Revived, due out January 19. It’s been remixed by Brad Wood and remastered by Emily Lazar, with updated immersive packaging by Nick Steinhardt and updated inserts with liner notes and essays. You can pre-order it on orange vinyl in the BV store.

In our list of 25 Classic Emo & Post-Hardcore Albums Turning 10 in 2023, we wrote:

The early 2010s was such an exciting time for this entire scene because just about all of these bands were touring their asses off, inspiring each other in so many different ways, and pushing themselves to write and record better and better music with each new release. That was especially true of Touché Amoré, who came into 2013 with their pivotal split with Pianos Become the Teeth. Touché’s contribution, “Gravity, Metaphorically,” was a four-minute mini epic that marked a more expansive sound than what they’d already perfected on their 2011 scene-classic Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, but even “Gravity, Metaphorically” couldn’t prepare anyone for the stunning Is Survived By later that year. It was produced by Brad Wood, who’d previously worked on classics like Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary, Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville, and The Smashing Pumpkins’ Adore, but the reason they chose to work with Brad was his work on mewithoutYou‘s Catch For Us The Foxes and Brother, Sister. Like those records did for mewithoutYou, Is Survived By elevated Touché Amoré’s music to a place that transcended the post-hardcore genre entirely. Like those records, Is Survived By sounds absolutely gorgeous, and it still sounds completely timeless today. On this record, the band sounded more dynamic and varied than they ever had previously, and there was more atmosphere in their songs than ever. Even in its fastest, hardest moments, the intricate, interlocking guitars gave Is Survived By a sense of shimmering beauty, like post-rock played at a hardcore band’s pace. And Jeremy Bolm topped it off with some of the most personal, impassioned performances of his career, grappling with topics like his own legacy, writing while happy, and repeating his father’s mistakes in a way that sounded ripped from a diary, or from an intimate conversation with a close friend, but still entirely poetic.

Touché Amoré will be on tour with Deafheaven for their Sunbather 10th anniversary tour later this fall, including NYC’s Knockdown Center on December 3. See all dates below.

November 26 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
November 27 Detroit, MI @ Saint Andrews Hall
November 29 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
November 30 Boston, MA @ Royale
December 2 Washington, DC @ Howard
December 3 New York, NY @ Knockdown Center
December 7 San Francisco, CA @ Regency
December 8 Los Angeles, CA @ Novo
December 13 Denver, CO @ Summit
December 16 Austin, TX @ Stubb’s