Type O Negative announce ‘Life is Killing Me’ 20th anniversary reissue (exclusive green vinyl)

“I guess I am going through some sort of midlife crisis being 41 years old now. And all the things I took for granted, my health, my life, people I love dying, people I loved walking away. I was with a girlfriend for 10 years but she left. It is like my dreams are dead.” – Peter Steele in a 2003 interview

Type O Negative‘s sixth album, Life Is Killing Me, turned 20 this year in June, and to mark the occasion, they’ve announced a new 20th anniversary vinyl reissue. It’s comprised of three LPs, two featuring the album (Pete’s version of Hedwig’s “Angry Inch” included), and a third with bonus tracks, including six of the seven from the bonus disc that came with the European version of the album (Neil Young and Black Sabbath covers included). We have an exclusive transparent green vinyl variant; pre-order yours HERE while they last, and see the tracklist below.

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Side 1
1 Thir13teen
2 I Don’t Wanna Be Me
3 Less Than Zero
4 Todd’s Ship Gods (Above All Things)
5 I Like Goils

Side 2
1 …A Dish Best Served Coldly
2 How Could She?
3 Life Is Killing Me

Side 3
1 Nettie
2 (We Were) Electrocute

Side 4
1 Angry Inch
2 Anesthesia
3 Drunk in Paris
4 The Dream Is Dead

Side 5
1 Out of the Fire (Kane’s Theme)
2 Suspended in Dusk
3 Blood & Fire
4 Cinnamon Girl (Extended Depression Mix)

Side 6
1 Black Sabbath (standard version)
2 Haunted (Per Version)