Warthog frontman’s Chrissy’s Pizza taking over Superiority Burger’s original space

Superiority Burger finally opened its new, bigger location in the former Odessa space back in April. Their original space at 430 E. 9th St has now been taken over by Chrissy's Pizza, the Instagram pizzaria started by Warthog frontman (and former The Men frontman) Chris Hansell (who is also a music publicist).

Chrissy's Pizza started out of Hansell's Bushwick apartment last year, but has grown wildly popular, with a recent co-sign by Action Bronson and instant sell-outs when announcing new drops. “It was the most surprising thing in the world,” Hansell told Eater. “I knew my friends liked it but I didn’t think of it as a job, I was thinking maybe I’d go back into kitchens — I don’t have a college degree or anything like that.” Hansell has worked in a few other pizzarias, including a stint at Williamsburg's Action Bronson-approved L'Industrie.

Hansell and Superiority Burger's Brooks Headley first knew each each other through the punk scene -- Brooks played drums in Universal Order of Armageddon and Born Against before becoming a renowned pastry chef and veggie burger guru. "In the least surprising news of 2023, Chrissy's Pizza is taking over old SB," Headley wrote on Instagram. "Cool as hell."

Eater reports that Chrissy's PIzza will stop using its current preorder system in August, switching to walk-up orders for their pies. How permanent will this be? TBD. "Is it a brick and mortar? Is it a residency? Is it a popup? Who the fuck knows but we’ll be hanging out over here for the time being making full pies and maybe some other tricks up our sleeve," Hansell wrote on Chrissy's Pizza's Instagram.

Until then their orders through early August are all sold out -- it apparently crashed their website this time, probably due at least a little to Action Bronson's new video about Chrissy's Pizza that went up this week on his YouTube channel. You can watch that below.