Watch Morrissey on FOX 5’s ‘Good Day New York’ talk Miley Cyrus, beef w/ Capitol Records & other squirmy subjects

Morrissey begins his four night stay at NYC’s United Palace on Saturday, and this morning he stopped by one of the few places who probably still welcome him and won’t ask anything too difficult, FOX 5’s Good Day New York, to hype up the shows. The eight minute interview with Rosanna Scotto, who I can’t tell whether is a huge fan or has never heard a Morrissey or Smiths song in her life, is a hoot, due mainly to her enthusiastic delivery of both softballs and questions that make Moz squirm a little. “We’re really bonding here,” she exclaims at one point.

Scotto does ask about Morrissey’s album Bonfire of the Teenagers, which was made nearly three years ago and Capitol Records has since declined to release, which Morrissey says has “wrecked” his career. (It couldn’t be from all the dumb stuff he continues to say, or aligning himself with far-right political parties.) He calls it “torture,” but says Capitol is “now prepared to give it back to me for a certain price,” though he does not say when it might get released.

In the interview’s squirmiest moment, Scotto also asks him about Miley Cyrus and she doesn’t seem to fully realize the singer asked to have her contribution removed from the album. “Will we hear that?” Morrissey says nice things about Miley and blames her manager for the decision. “Do you think we can convince her?,” Scotto asks. “I don’t think so, it’s been two years and she would’ve made up her mind by now,” Morrissey replies.

Scotto also asks Morrissey if these United Palace shows will be his last in NYC. “I don’t think so,” he replies, “unless I’m assassinated.” She also asks him about his songwriting and if this interview has inspired a song. “Yes, but we shouldn’t talk about it now.”

You can watch the whole Good Day New York interview below.

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