waveform* talk influences behind new LP ‘Antarctica’: Elliott Smith, Failure & more

Connecticut duo waveform* have just released Antarctica on Run For Cover. Antarctica is dark and expansive, with grunge, alt-rock, and shoegaze influences palpable within their rolling indie style. The title track stands out with one of the heaviest hooks on the album, set against quieter verses full of sardonic and clever lyrics. Singles "Lonely" and "In My Drink" highlight waveform*'s mid-tempo and ballad chops, drawing in acoustics for a more intimate sound. Deeper cuts like "Marijuana," "Ballroom," and "Ocean" see the duo of Dan Poppa and Jarett Denner trying on new rhythms and techniques too.

Celebrating the release of Antarctica, Dan and Jarett told us some of the influences behind the album, including Elliott Smith, Failure, Melaina Kol (who they have a split with), and more, as well as films, books, and video games. Stream Antarctica below and read on for waveform*'s list...

Elliott Smith - From a Basement on a Hill

This album is probably the biggest musical influence for me, as of the past couple of years. The songwriting is amazing while being paired with some really weird instrumental and production choices. A lot of the drum and guitar sounds stray far away from what feels like a standard and they fluctuate a lot from song to song, which is really cool. It may not be 100% how he intended on having it turn out but to me it is a perfect album. -Dan

Failure - Fantastic Planet

I sort've just know that whenever I make a "quiet-loud" type of song with a heavier chorus it is just subconsciously inspired by this album. Songs like "Saturday Saviour," and "Stuck on You" are just a couple examples of that. The title track from Antarctica is the type of song that feels like a bit of an ode to that style. -Dan


The vibe and aesthetic of this game is just one of the most inspiring things on the planet. It's hard to explain why. The feeling you get while playing it mixed with a majority of the soundtrack always feels like it seeps into the music we make in someway. -Dan

Pan's Labyrinth

Seeing this movie had an immediate effect on me as an artist. I wrote a song immediately after watching it, which became "Orphan Child" the last song on Antarctica. I love any kind of story that puts you in the perspective of a child that is interpreting the world much more magically than everyone else. -Jarett

Brittle Brian

I wrote the song “Lonely" while listening to this artist every day. Nothing about the song really suggests that but the way she plays guitar and uses folk/traditional songwriting as a backdrop for her songwriting results in this really singular sound that influences us a ton. -Jarett

Haruka Nakamura - Grace

This album has a feeling of melancholy that I’ve only ever experienced through movies or through real life, but never through music until I heard it for the first time. It is just piano and guitar with sparse vocals on one or two songs. There is just nothing like it. -Jarett

Cormac McCarthy - Blood Meridian

I don't know if I would even recommend this book but it is a unique experience. It is the most visceral piece of art I've ever consumed, it made me sick. I feel like the author is painting with words rather than explaining with words which is really engaging and influenced my lyricism on this record. -Jarett

Melaina Kol - AMOSAT

This album is a completely immersive musical journey for me. It is psychedelic and ambitious, but never feels contrived or over indulgent. I have no idea how many people I’ve told to listen to it. So good. -Jarett


waveform* will be on tour this summer supporting Antarctica with They Are Gutting A Body Of Water and Teethe. The trip hits Brooklyn on July 10 at Baby's All Right. All dates below.



waveform* -- 2023 Tour Dates
JUN 15, 2023 - House of Blues Boston - Boston, MA (supporting Citizen and Fiddlehead)
JUL 5, 2023 - Aisle 5 - Atlanta, GA *
JUL 6, 2023 - New Brookland Tavern - Columbia, SC *
JUL 7, 2023 - Cats Cradle Back Room - Carrboro, NC *
JUL 8, 2023 - Ottobar - Baltimore, MD *
JUL 9, 2023 - Ukie Club - Philadelphia, PA *
JUL 10, 2023 - Baby's All Right - Brooklyn, NY *
JUL 12, 2023 - The Sinclair - Boston, MA *
JUL 13, 2023 - La Sotterena - Montreal, QC *
JUL 14, 2023 - Monarch Tavern - Toronto, ON *
JUL 15, 2023 - Mahall's - Cleveland, OH *
JUL 16, 2023 - Subterranean - Chicago, IL *
JUL 17, 2023 - X-Ray Arcade - Milwaukee, WI *
JUL 19, 2023 - Lost Lake Lounge - Denver, CO *
JUL 20, 2023 - Kilby Court - Salt Lake City, UT *
JUL 21, 2023 - El Korah Shrine - Boise, ID *
JUL 22, 2023 - Polaris Hall - Portland, OR *
JUL 23, 2023 - The Vera Project - Seattle, WA *
JUL 25, 2023 - Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA *
JUL 26, 2023 - Lodge Room - Los Angeles, CA *
JUL 27, 2023 - Constellation Room - Santa Ana, CA *
JUL 28, 2023 - Voodoo Room - San Diego, CA *
JUL 29, 2023 - Valley Bar - Phoenix, AZ *
JUL 31, 2023 - Paper Tiger - San Antonio, TX *
AUG 1, 2023 - White Oak Music Hall - Houston, TX *
AUG 2, 2023 - Parish - Austin, TX *
AUG 3, 2023 - Club Dada - Dallas, TX *
AUG 4, 2023 - Brew Pub - Jackson, MS *
AUG 5, 2023 - The Firehouse - Birmingham, AL *
AUG 6, 2023 - DRKMTTR - Nashville, TN *
* = with TAGABOW & Teethe