XTC’s Andy Partridge forms new group 3 Clubmen — listen to debut single “Aviatrix”

XTC's Andy Partridge has a new musical project, 3 Clubmen, which is a collaboration with Jen Olive and Stu Rowe that they describe as "a three-headed Frankenstein's monster dancing at a neurodivergent singles club.”

Says Partridge, "Like an 'action painter' throws colour at a canvas, we tend to throw musical and sound things, knowing that we'll cut through this seemingly insane mess later, to hopefully find some beautiful garden, hiding there. I throw paint, Jen throws paint, Stu throws paint...and we walk away. If, when we return, something in there calls to us, we'll move heaven and earth to get it out and let it breath. Using whatever it takes, be it contrary musical ideas, parts in clashing keys incongruous sounds, contradictory words/phrases. It's all clay to us."

The trio have shared their first single, "Aviatrix," which has some of the same pastoral lilt you associate with later period XTC but highlights all three players. Listen below.