Year of the Knife share update on Madi’s recovery

Last month, Delaware metallic hardcore band Year of the Knife suffered injuries in a serious car accident, leaving bassist Madi Watkins in critical condition. Guitarist and bassist Brandon Watkins, who got a concussion in the crash, has posted a new update on Madi’s condition (he and Madi are married). It reads:

Madi’s now at KPC Promise Hospital in SLC. This is a long term acute rehab facility. She’ll be here til she’s ready for the U of U acute rehab program. Here they work on just about every kind of rehab you can think of, cognitive, speech, physical etc. Things are moving really fast. She’s been able to communicate to nurses periodically through different hand signs like thumbs up or three fingers out. Today she’s tracking visually looking at us and looking in my eyes. I swear she’s been mouthing B when she looks my way. She’s also in an agitated state from all the pain and confusion. The doctors say it’s just part of waking up. It’s hard to see your loved one in pain. But things will only get better, as they have been, from here. The road ahead is a long one but we owe you all a huge thank you for keeping us going.

In a statement made earlier in the month, Brandon wrote, “Our Madi has a very long journey to recovery ahead of her. She’s already had surgeries to fix her broken jaw, facial fractures, femur and ankle. The most troubling and challenging of her injuries is the trauma to her brain. It is impossible to say how long it will take for Madi to fully return to us. Healing of the human brain after severe trauma remains a mystery, and requires a patience from loved ones that is virtually impossible to achieve.”

“Me, mom and Michelle will remain out in Utah for the foreseeable future to see Madi through this long journey,” he continued. “The funds raised continue to help the family with the costs involved. We also know that insurance deductibles and costs not paid for by insurance will be enormous. Every dollar donated makes a huge difference and we are so grateful. Much love and thanks to you all!”

You can donate to the band’s recovery fund HERE on GoFundMe. There’s also a benefit t-shirt for pre-order; all proceeds will go to the band.