2Dee Finds Inner Strength With Tenacious “No Fear”

This is the artist for all ambient raps. 2Dee has hit the grounds one more time after the release of “Love Again” in 2020. His musical attitude and laid-back yet rowdy demeanor are visible through every verse.

His subterranean rap bangers address various themes that throw spiky productions and confident delivery.

2Dee captures the emotions of an oppressive nature of inner-city living on the single “No Fear.” He crafts intimate, R&B-influenced raps with an epic scope. The track pulsates with confidence and heavy synths but that grandiosity belies the necessity that 2Dee is talking about.

Filled with suspense and vulnerability, he poses some seriously intense questions with clarity when he sings the vibrant lyrics and tunes. The song opens up with a gradual and smooth-rolling piano before 2Dee’s vocals crush the number.

The trap drums draw out the musical framework as it bursts deep into your soul with every pounce.
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