50 Cent Remembers Gayle King Confronting Him About Oprah

In his new book "Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter," 50 Cent reflects on the time Gayle King cornered him over some incendiary comments about Oprah Winfrey.

It's no secret that has made a fair number of enemies throughout his tenure in the rap game, ranging from his fellow artists to those foolish enough to borrow his money and duck out on the repayment plan. Given that one cannot convincingly handle feuds without being a formidable opponent, many have grown to reluctantly respect Fif's ruthless and relentless battle measures. Some have even come to fear them -- but not everybody. According to his own testimony in Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter, Gayle King actually took the fight directly to him.

50 Cent Remembers Gayle King Confronting Him About Oprah

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Page Six managed to snag an excerpt from the book, due out on April 28th, detailing a confrontation between 50 and King. Apparently, King wasn't crazy about the way 50 was disrespecting her friend Oprah Winfrey, and decided to have some words during Bette Midler's black-tie charity event. “Gayle is the real deal — a very sophisticated, secure, and smart lady," praises Fif. "She’s never afraid of a situation. So she marched right up to me and basically said, ‘Why you talking shit about my girl?'" 

Apparently, Fif believed that Winfrey didn't like him, nor the attributes he portrayed within his music. Ever the opportunist, he decided to make an enemy in the good name of publicity. As the book explains, Fif has made a habit of engaging in "faux beef" to remain in the spotlight. "Listen, I’d love to be Oprah’s friend,” he allegedly responded to King. “But if we can’t be friends, could we at least be enemies?” Apparently, Oprah and King respected Fif's understanding of strategy, and he went on to appear on "Oprah's Next Chapter" in 2012. 

Perhaps we oughta start treating all of 50 Cent's feuds with a grain of salt -- even his neverending battle with ,  on Instagram Live. Should he indeed seek further publicity, perhaps he'll find himself accepting the challenge with open arms. Look for Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter to land on April 28th -- will you be reading this one?