50 Cent Sends Another Shot Ja Rule’s Way

50 Cent refers to a battle with Ja Rule as "stupid" in his latest Instagram post.

Yesterday, a proposition circulated for both and to engage in an Instagram Live battle. IG Live battles have become an exciting form of entertainment for celebrities and fans alike, as artists go to toe-to-toe while fans watch from around the world playing their respective hits until a winner can be declared.

50 Cent Sends Another Shot Ja Rule's Way

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Ja Rule and 50 Cent have a long  which makes the proposal that much more interesting, also, it's worth noting that the initial idea stemmed from Ja himself. He mentioned it during an . Fif, ever the astute internet troll, quickly caught wind of the idea and . Of course, 50 is back with another jab for Ja, while neither confirming nor denying that he would do the IG battle. His latest post angled at Ja Rule is a meme of the artist, with Ja's face photoshopped on top of a homeless man with a cardboard street sign that reads: "Will battle 50 Cent for attention" (mind you "attention" is misspelled). 50 captioned the post: "Stupid" and reminded us of Ja's disastrous festival attempt, "Fyre Festival."

Do you think this battle will actually happen? And if so, will 50 Cent be the winner? Sound off.