’90s Rockstar Dies of Brain Aneurysm: Laurie Lindeen Was 62

Laurie Lindeen, a beloved singer-songwriter who first made her name in the '90s alternative rock scene, died on Monday. Coleen Elwood, her bandmate in the group Zuzu's Petals, announced the news in an emotional note shared to social media on Tuesday. Lindeen was 62.

With Zuzu's Petals, Lindeen released the albums When No One's Looking and Music of Your Life in the first half of the '90s. Lindeen, who was previously married to The Replacements' Paul Westerberg, went on to release the solo EP A Pregnant Pause and the memoir Petal Pusher: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story.


Minneapolis, MN 10/7/99-- Laurie Lindeen, singer-songwriter

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Lindeen's death was sudden and believed to be due to a brain aneurysm. Elwood said she was "shocked and devastated" over the news, with Zuzu's Petal's drummer Linda Pitmon also expressing her grief in a note of her own. 

"It is with a broken heart, and the permission of her family, I share the horrible news of the death of Laurie Lindeen due to a brain aneurysm 7/1," Elwood wrote. "My dear friend of 45 years, ZZP petal sister, musical collaborator [and] funny AF old school pal. I am shocked [and] devastated [and] at a loss for words to describe what she meant to me, her family [and] MPLS music community. She was one of the smartest [and] funniest…who could convince me to do, just about anything; 'sure I'll take my college degree, move to Minneapolis [and] start a band with you, before I can play the bass.' 

"There will be more pictures [and] stories to share…and so many more tears to cry. So for today, hug your pals, kiss your loved ones, listen to X/ zeppelin/ Joni or Roxy music…and turn it up past 11. It's one past 10. We love you Laurie/ Lars/ dolphin petal sister."

BRUCE BISPING ¥ bisping@startribune. Minneapolis, MN., Wednesday, 6/6/2007. (left to right) Laurie Lindeen, a former member of the

Minneapolis, MN., Wednesday, 6/6/2007. (left to right) Laurie Lindeen, a former member of the "Zuzu's Petals" practiced with former band member Coleen Elwood at Elwood's south Minneapolis home.

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Pitmon's tribute read, in part: "As happy as I am for her that she lived such a robust, varied, brave and love-filled life, I'm sad for the chapters not yet written. I'm sad that there are unopened oysters waiting for her on Martha's Vineyard. There was yet another pearl in one of those just waiting for her to find.

"My heart goes out to Jim (Diem, her partner), her wonderful son Johnny, her father and sisters and her entire extended family of friends that she made far and wide. I for one, was changed by her forever and I loved her hard and dearly. The only thing holding me back from despair right now is that I think she knew that. I hope so."