Adrianne Lenker Surprise-Releases A New Six-Song Project To Benefit Palestinian Children


Today (March 11) brings a pleasant surprise for Adrianne Lenker fans, as the Big Thief leader just released I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand, a new six-track solo project, on Bandcamp. Proceeds will benefit the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

In her Instagram post announcing the collection, Lenker explains:

“Everything I think to say feels like it is less than a micro-fraction of the power that is needed to convey the message. I can’t express how sad and angry I am about this ongoing violence towards Palestinians. The killing must stop. The need for a ceasefire is beyond urgent. Permanent Ceasefire Now!

Today I’m releasing a new collection of songs I cherish, which were recorded in the moments they were written. You can purchase this record on Bandcamp, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.”

This comes after Big Thief had an Israel-related controversy in 2022, when they announced (and later canceled) concerts in the country, which is where band member Max Oleartchik is from. Lenker addressed that situation in a new New York Times profile published today: As Stereogum notes, Lenker acknowledged it was “naïve and not thought out” to announce concerts in Israel and expect to not face criticism.

Listen to I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand here.

Adrianne Lenker’s I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand Tracklist

1. “The Music”
2. “Feel It All”
3. “Fangs Lungs Ankles”
4. “I Won’t Let Go Of Your Hand”
5. “Relief”
6. “Someone To”