Aly & AJ Give “Slow Dancing” a Few New Beats With Remix EP

Aly & AJ – purveyors of perhaps the Greatest Album of 2021 – are back right in time for this godforsaken year’s finale.

One year ago, the “Potential Breakup Song” (Explicit Version) duo gave us the then-first taste of their album A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun, called “Slow Dancing.”

The dreamy song hit right in time for peak quarantine daydreaming of less distanced days, conjuring up romantic, end-of-the-world imagery of a couple slow-dancing in the middle of a living room, chaos roaring just outside the walls. As it turned out…well, not much has changed!

Here we are, now facing the Omarion/Maricon variant, uncomfortably edging towards a new lockdown era.

And so, it feels entirely appropriate for the sister act to supply us with a slew of “Slow Dancing” remixes as of Friday (December 24), crafted by Overcoats, Hazel English, James McAlister and Nikki Pennie (The She-J).

The collection accounts for an array of moods, ranging from pensive to downtrodden to shades of nostalgic, ’90s-ish shimmering splendor.

“We wanted to do something to celebrate the one-year anniversary of a song that started a new chapter for us. With the help of collaborators & friends we were able to dive back into a song that means so much to us. Thanks to the creative works of James McAlister, Overcoats, Hazel English & Nikki Pennie aka The She-J we bring you 4 new remixes of ‘Slow Dancing.’ Hoping these reimaginings get people dancing into the new year,” the ladies said in a statement.

There’s more on the way too, including the re-release of the record with a handful of new songs, and (God willing) a tour still to come.

Let us dance, slowly and cautiously, into this New Year, with our expectations on the floor. It could only up from here, right? (Narrator, one year later: it was not.)

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